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All of our tobacco blends are made with 100% natural tobacco. We pride ourselves on using only the best quality products to create a completely unique and enjoyable smoking experience. If you don't see what you like, we can create your own personal blend just for you

Hand Blended Tobacco's
Hand Blended Tobacco's
1. Brians' Blend - Our house blend.
Consists of rubbed out virginia cakes, steamed virginias & bright virginia flake. A very mild slow burning blend. 
    5.15 / oz
2. Seville
Our #1 seller, light and dark cavendish no bite extra mild. 
    4.50 / oz
3. Old Toby
Light and dark cavendish with a pinch of golden virginia flake. No bite a great all day smoke. 
    4.50 / oz
4. French Vanilla 
A pleasant blend of virginia, burley and vanilla cavendish.  
    4.50 / oz
5. Distinction
Smooth nut flavored light cavendish mixture. 
    5.15 / oz
6. Moontrance
One of our most popular blends! Outstanding aroma, no bite of cavendish and virginias cased with our special
honey vanillla flavoring. 
   5.15 / oz
7. Vermont Maple
Extremely mild blend of light and dark virginias and cavendish topped with our special vermont maple flavoring. 
    5.15 / oz
8. Monarch
Outstanding aroma no bite blend of light and dark virginias, cavendish and a pinch of golden virginia flake.
A great blend for the new smoker! 
    4.50 / oz
9. Swiss Delight 
Experience a taste of switzerland with this mild blend of virginia, burley and cavendish topped with our swiss
​chocolate casing. (A favorite of the ladies!) 
    5.15 / oz
10. After Hours 
A mixture of mild slow burning burley's.  
     4.50 / oz
11. Golden Viking 
A rich golden bright cavendish. 
     4.50 / oz
12. Union Square 
A non aromatic blend with golden and dark virginias, burley and maryland. Exceptionally slow even burning. 
     5.15 / oz
13. Black Cherry
Great aromatic blend created with virginia, maryland, burley and toasted cavendish with a delicious energy casing. 
     4.50 / oz
14. Dixie Blend 
Experience the south with this medium blend of virginias and cavendish with a sweet aromatic taste.  
     4.50 / oz
15. Rum & Maple
A classic burley blend flavored with rum and maple. 
     4.50 / oz
16. Leprechaun Gold 
One of our top sellers! Rich natural cavendish blended with steamed virginias. 
     4.50 / oz
17. Private Stock 
Virginia, burley and dark cavendish with a hint of maple, a full flavored smoke. 
     4.50 / oz
18. Meditation
Steamed virginias, cavendish and burley with a rich cherry casing. Very sweet and aromatic. 
     4.50 / oz
19. Midnight Express 
Steamed black virginias, one of our most popular. 
     4.50 / oz
20. Night Queen 
Dark steamed virginias and a touch of golden virginia flake. A exceptionally light smoke. 
     4.50 / oz
21. Tarkus
Steamed virginias, light and dark cavendish. Very mild and smooth. 
     4.50 / oz
22. Sweet Briar
A full bodied aromatic with a sweet light aroma. 
     4.50 / oz
23. Rum Cake 
Black Cavendish, virginia, burley and bright flake lightly flavored with rum. 
     4.50 / oz
24.  Mystique
A unique blend of black fire cured and sweet virginias topped with a delicious cordial flavoring. 
     4.50 / oz
25. Casino
Virginias, maryland and burleys with a pinch of amarretto, smooth pleasant aroma. 
     4.50 / oz
26. Supreme
Dark cavendish accents. Cherry vanilla blend. 
     4.50 / oz
27. Appalachia
A full flavored aromatic, rich sweet aroma allented with a cherry flavoring. 
     4.50 / oz
28. Peaches and Cream
The name says it all! Virginia, burley and a touch of toasted cavendish flavored with peaches and cream.  
     4.50 / oz
29. 10 Downing Street
A full bodied english with bright virginias, latakia, perique. 
     5.50 / oz
30. Mountain Leaf 
Smooth slow burning blend with lite no bite taste, made with virginia, latakia and a touch of toasted cavendish.  
     5.15 / oz
31. African Queen 
A unique english blend consisting of virginia, smyrna, latakia and mozambique. 
     5.15 / oz
32. Lord Nelson 
Smooth light english blended with african, turkish, latakia and virginia ribbon. 
     5.15 / oz 

Flavored Blends - All flavored blends are made with a mixture of the finest virginias, burleys and maryland tobaccos.
  • Almondine
  • Mango
  • Cherry
  • Red Wine
  • Vanilla
  • Maple


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